Home Made DIY “W” Cookie Press For Short Bread Cookies

This job had to be a bit of a rush job, but I think its going to work great. Its a short bread cookie press, you roll out the cookie dough, press this into it then bake.

Get the “W” into a vector file.

Print it out.


Cut it out of a nice thick 16g piece of brass.

Soldier on a small copper tube

epoxy the whole thing into a stout dowel.



Shorty handle for good force manipulation, as well as easy storage.

When I get some cookie pictures I will post an update.

Bike Chain Earrings Part 1

I have been experimenting with some different way to turn bike chain into earrings, here is my first try.

The entire construction is bike chain parts, except for the silver ear stud. The tricky part was figuring out how to cut the very hard steel rings…until I remembered you can tempter steel to make it softer, after several tempering the rings were soft enough to cut through with a jewelers saw, then it was just a matter of putting it all together with a little torch work and some pliers. They have a really nice dangley jingle to them, and the recipient has received many compliments.

Making Some Crow Feather Earrings

Here are some process shots from the latest group of earrings I made.


First I print out the design, and then cut and rubber cement it to the copper plate.



the design is cut out using a jewelers saw, then you file and polish the burs off.


The feathers ready and prepped for soldering.  Silver ear posts are also soldered on during this stage.


After the brass wire is soldered down the middle, tiny feather marks are made using a small hand made chisel.


Liver of sulfur is used to patina the feathers and give them a nice dark color.


All done!  You can buy a pair here.

Custom Silver Star Trek Headbadge
















When I got the specs for this I knew it was going to be a larger badge, and the client wanted it in silver, so I was stoked to see a nice big badge with some classy materials.  I really like the way it came out, with the layers, and the oxide providing some nice depth.  It feels good in your hand like a little shield, and the star trek logo on the front fits well and is centered well.  The client designed it, I just fashioned it, but I am stoked the way it came out.