Thing A Week 5: Light Project

We have a big ole shelf in our kitchen that I made out of a board I found in the garbage, but because its so big, it is kind of dark under it.  It’s also far away from any outlet, so I had to get creative with the power supply.

In the end I went with some mason jars, and some battery powered LED lights.

the house is slanted, the shelf is level.

some cheap, but nice looking Chinese LED lights.

a couple wide mouth mini-mason jars.

drill a hole in the middle of every lid.

get some wood screws

pardon the flash photos…like I said its dark under there.

All done, just sorta eyeballed the placement.

I just counted the number of LED’s per string, and divided by the number of jars.  I covered the lights not in the jars with black tape…I am not sure if I like the look, but I can always just take it off if I want.

It’s very nice looking, a soft yellow light, and it does a good job of lighting the space under the shelf.

Total cost for the whole project was about 25$  Took about 30 minutes.