Thing A Week 9: Dune Inspired Jewelery Part 1

I am very into Dune, and re-read the original 6 books once a year.  During my many re-reads I noticed there are a bunch of instances of jewelry being mentioned. So I decided I would re-create them.

Kynes Rabbit Pin:

A copper pin engraved with the likeness of a hare clasped the neck of Kynes’ robe.  Another smaller pin with similar likeness hung at the corner of the hood which was thrown back over his shoulders. (pg 112)

Its a copper rabbit with a hand made safety pin so that it can handle large cloaks, or heavy knit weaves. I liked them so much I decided I would add them to my Etsy store.  (see how this one was made here)


Next was Kynes golden teardrop pin of rank he wears at the dinner.

Kynes Teardrop of rank:

The Duke looked at Kynes, noting that the planetologist wore an old-style dark brown uniform with epaulets of the Imperial Civil Servant and a tiny gold teardrop of rank at his collar. (pg. 127)

I made three of them, two with cut outs, and one solid one.  The two with cut outs I did the full size pin backer, and the one without a shorter one.  They will look really cool on jackets and other heavy clothing.

Buy one on Etsy here.

Next I made the Atreides Hawk Crest:

The entrance door swung wide. Atreides guards emerged swiftly, all of them heavily armed-slow pellet stunners, swords and shields.  Behind them all came a tall man, hawk-faced, dark of skin and hair.  He wore a jubba cloak with Atreides crest at the breast. (pg 104)

I wanted to make this pretty hefty, so I decided to cast it.

First I carved it out of wax, then drilled some small holes in the back for the pins.

I cast the wax positive in mold max 60, leaving the pins in.

Then when it comes time to cast the crest, I put two pins into the holes so that the metal would flow around them and encapsulate them into the final crest.

After I cleaned the crest up, cutting off the sprue, and polishing it a bit.  I had this.

I wanted to try my hand at making it look more like copper. So I got some copper leaf, and some size (thats what the glue for using metal leaf is called).

First you paint a very thin and even layer of size on the piece, and wait an hour or two for it to dry.  Once it is tacky you can apply the foil.  Using a brush and a careful hand.

I made another one in silver, but in the books they are described as being red, so I thought copper a bit more appropriate.

I am also going to be listing these in my etsy store.