Thing A Week 6: Carving A Wax Crow Skull

I want to make a pewter casting of a crow skull for a pair of earrings.  The only problem is, crow skulls are too big for earrings, and I don’t have a crow skull.

I do have carving wax and some wax carving tools, so I decided I would make a scale model of a crow skull, and use that for the mold instead.

The first thing I did was go online and get some pictures of crow skulls from the top, side and front.  I think printed these out nice and big so I could check them while carving.

Then I cut out a chunk of wax roughly the right shape, and began shaping it.


I used a jewelers saw and a file to shape to this point.  I just scratched the rough design onto the wax to give me some idea of when to stop cutting bits off.


Basically I just kept holding it up, looking at it from all sides, and then staring at the pictures I had printed out.  Scraping, picking, etc.  Next week I am going to attempt to cast this in a mold and make some pewter earrings/pendants.