Very Complicated Tribal Wolf Vinyl Decal

You ever just do something to see if you can?  That’s what this vinyl decal was about.

Just wanted to see how complicated a decal I could cut out, as well as how patient I could be while weeding it.

Designed and put into great cut.

Starting the cutting process

It took a long time…

You can kinda see what I am getting myself into.

The easiest part, taking the outside part off.

Working my way around the edges.

More of the bottom.

Peel and peel and peel and peel, I did this over the course of a couple of days just picking at it while I was bored and in between other decals.

Eyes and mouth available.

More done.

Working on the ears.

Forehead done.

Almost there!

Ears looking good.

All done!  Final decal is about a foot wide by 16 inches long.  I have no idea if I would want to sell these, or even where I would put it.  But it looks real real cool!

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